Challenge Program

What's it all about

The Challenge program is a new and exciting program that has been designed for students in our school and five other Government schools in our area.  It is for students who want to have go at some difficult tasks. It is for students who want to surprise themselves with how well they can produce awesome work. It is also to let these students show and surprise their teachers, their family and their friends with what they are capable of delivering. It is open to any students. It does not require a test to start. It is not compulsory but purely voluntary.

What do I have to do?

Simply go to our website and have a look at the Challenges that have been put there for you to think about and choose one that interests you.

Find a teacher at your school who is willing to be your mentor - they will answer questions, check how you are going and give you advice if you need it. Your mentor will give you an account so that you can enrol in the Challenge you have selected and access all of the activities.

You will present your finished product to your mentor.  You will be told the project is successful or needs a bit more work then will be deemed successful. For this year you are being asked to complete the task by the 27th November.

What do I get out of it?

Each successful project will get an acknowledgement from the school in the form of a Certificate. It may also be mentioned in your end-of-semester report. As there will be students from six schools taking part it is planned to bring as many of the students who complete a Challenge together and show each other the work they have undertaken. This will be a great opportunity to connect with other students who carry out a Challenge and you will learn more from each other.

What help is there?

Your school will let you know the teachers who are happy to be your mentor. It will probably be the teacher who you think will assist you in giving guidance in the area the Challenge focusses on. You will meet with the teacher around three to four times during the Challenge and they will give you guidance and some suggestions.

How many tasks?

You can choose one, or you can choose more

Will I have class time?

This is really a challenge for you beyond the classroom. However if your teacher agrees there may be some time agreed to.

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